Principal Investigator: Xiaosi Gu, Ph.D.

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

New York, NY

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Our research assistant, Sylvia Blackmore, will be pursuing an MSc at UCL this fall. While we are sad to see her go, we are so excited to see what she does next. Best of luck Sylvia! (September 2020)

We are excited to announce several new grants that will expand our research into exciting new areas. With our close collaborators at Virginia Tech Carilion, we have received a new grant to begin collecting human voltammetry data at Mount Sinai. (September 2020)


Alongside Drs. Foss-Feig and Schiller, we have received funding for a project to use fMRI and computational models to characterize social deficits in individuals diagnosed with ASD. (September 2020)

Welcome to the lab, Caroline McLaughlin! (September 2020)

Welcome to the lab, Sarah Banker! (September 2020)

Welcome to the lab, Arianna Neal! (September 2020)

Welcome to the lab, Qixiu Fu! (September 2020)

Welcome to the lab, Dr.Yuyang (Leo) Luo! (September 2020)

Check out Xiaosi’s recent feature in VICE discussing the future direction of Psychiatry as a field and the benefits of Computational Psychiatry. (August 2020)

Ju-chi Yu, a former graduate student, and Vincenzo Fiore, one of our senior scientists, recently published a new study examining uncertainty in cocaine users: An insula‐driven network computes decision uncertainty and promotes abstinence in chronic cocaine users. (July 2020)

Welcome to the lab, Dr. Ofer Perl! (September 2019)

Check out our new paper on interoceptive inference and computational psychiatry! (August 2019)

Two more NIH-funded projects just started in our lab - one on social cognition (thank you NIMH!) and one on impulsivity and addiction (thank you again NIDA!) (August 2019)

Congratulations to Dr. Vincenzo Fiore for his recent publication in Neural Networks! (May 2019)

Welcome to the lab, Dr. Anastasia Shuster! (January 2019)

We've been awarded a NIDA R01 to examine cue reactivity using computational modeling. Go team! (September 2018)

Everyone with addiction is NOT the same. Here is why - read our latest paper that uses a computational model to simulate addiction heterogeneity. 

Xiaosi's Ted talk is now available online.

How does pain sensitivity relate to autism? Read our latest study.

How does the brain encode self? Read our latest review article on "self as object".

Is the craving brain Bayesian? Read our latest opinion piece on addiction.