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Salman Quasim

Postdoctoral Fellow 

I am interested in how the human brain links our memories and our choices, using a combination of computational modeling, behavioral experiments, and intracranial brain recordings.

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Blair Shelvin

Postdoctoral Fellow 

Blair Shevlin is a postdoctoral fellow co-mentored by Xiaosi Gu and Laura Berner. He graduated from Goucher College with a degree in Psychology and then received his master’s degree in Experimental Psychology from Towson University. In 2022, he earned his PhD in Decision Psychology from The Ohio State University. Dr. Shevlin’s research examines the role of value, attention, and motivation in everyday decisions. He specializes in computational modeling, incorporating theoretical perspectives from psychology, neuroscience, and economics to study how people approach their decisions in a variety of contexts.

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Shawn Rhoads

Postdoctoral Fellow 

I study the neurocomputational basis of interpersonal perception, learning and decision-making in social contexts, and experiences that are shared (i.e., interactions with others) or vicarious (i.e., affective empathy). A major question of my research asks, "What factors impact human welfare?" I approach this question by examining sources of individual variation in these phenomena relevant to mental health and socioemotional well-being.

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