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Matt Heflin, B.S.

Lab Manager

B.S. in Human Development, Cornell University

I’ve always had an interest in what happens below our conscious experience and how these subconscious processes exert influence over our waking lives. I enjoy research on the origins, both psychologically and neurologically, of our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. I plan on pursuing a PhD in either Neuropsychology or Clinical Psychology.

Eden Neleman, B.A.

EDEN PORTRAIT_0012_edited.jpg

Clinical Research Coordinator

My experience lies in child and adolescent psychology and science policy. In three years, I received a dual bachelor’s degree in psychology and art history, as well as a minor in child and adolescent mental studies from New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study. From there, I joined the Forum of Neuroscience and Nervous System Disorders of the National Academies of Sciences in Washington, D.C., as a Senior Program Assistant. In addition to working with Dr. Gu, I am obtaining a master’s in clinical and counseling psychology from Teacher’s College at Columbia University, and am an Applied Behavior Analyst at the Manhattan Psychology Group. I hope to one day earn a PhD in clinical psychology.


Karina Savillo, B.A.

IMG_2495 2_edited.jpg

Administrative Manager

B.A. in Psychology, Cornell University

I am interested in studying clinical populations and using statistical analysis as a means of improving psychiatric treatments. I want to develop more efficacious interventions for populations that struggle with emotional regulation. I plan on pursing a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

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