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Soojung Na, M.A.

Ph.D. candidate

MA in Social Psychology, Seoul National University

I have always wondered what makes us possess different views and thoughts, not limited to individual differences but including variations across situations and cultures. The most fascinating approach I have found so far is to explore the neural and computational mechanism of the valuation system that leads one to behavioral decision making.

Matt Heflin, B.S.

Lab Manager

B.S. in Human Development, Cornell University

I’ve always had an interest in what happens below our conscious experience and how these subconscious processes exert influence over our waking lives. I enjoy research on the origins, both psychologically and neurologically, of our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. I plan on pursuing a PhD in either Neuropsychology or Clinical Psychology.

Ofer Perl, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD in Neuroscience, Weizmann Institute of Science

Coming from a background in human olfaction research, I now shift gears to ask how bodily rhythms interact with perceptual and cognitive processes and how the olfactory system can be used to probe these links. Another field I'm interested in is memory, and specifically how our brains map, represent, and organize spaces of abstract information.


Vincenzo Fiore, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

PhD in Psychobiology and Psychopharmacology, Sapienza – Università di Roma


My main interest is in the field of dynamic neural networks, focussing on bio-constrained connectionist models of action/attention selection and decision making.

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Xiaosi Gu, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

My research examines the neural and computational mechanisms underlying human beliefs, decision-making, and social interaction in both health and disease using fMRI, lesion, neuropharmacology, and computational modeling.

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Jihan Ryu, M.D.

Resident Psychiatrist at the Mount Sinai St. Lukes-West Hospitals/ISMMS
MD, Dartmouth College

I am interested in modeling transference, insight, self-concept, metacognition, and motivation on a computational level as a way of appreciating therapeutic alliance and conflict in clinical encounters.

Anastasia Shuster, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD in Neuroscience, Tel Aviv University

I am interested in social behavior and decision-making. I use a combination of computational, economic and neural approaches to study questions like why people make dishonest choices and what drives individual differences in prosocial tendencies.



Madeline O'Brien, B.A.

Ph.D. candidate

BA in Psychology and Theatre, Northwestern University

I am interested in exploring the functional neural markers of phenomena such as social decision-making and impulsivity. I use human imaging and computational modeling to examine how and why maladaptive behaviors are performed sparingly by healthy individuals but excessively and compulsively in those with psychiatric disorders.


Kaustubh Kulkarni

MD/PhD candidate

BA in Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Rutgers University

Broadly, I am interested in understanding the dynamics of brain architecture in psychiatric disorders by studying the underlying cognitive, emotional and social processes. I aim to utilize computational and statistical modeling to uncover and characterize the hidden variables responsible for maladaptive states in these disorders.


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