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Center for Computational Psychiatry 

What is Computational Psychiatry?

Computational psychiatry is a new interdisciplinary field which seeks to characterize mental disorders in terms of aberrant computations at multiple scales. In recent years the field of human neuroscience, particularly functional neuroimaging, has begun to address the underlying neurobiology of changes in brain function related to psychiatric disease. This effort has produced some exciting early discoveries, but it has also highlighted the need for computational models that can bridge the explanatory gap between pathophysiology and psychopathology. The expertise and quantitative tools required to address this gap exist only across disciplines, combining skills and knowledge from investigators and clinicians that are jointly interested in solving problems of mental health. 


Ted talk on computational psychiatry 

Computational Psychiatry Journal

London-New York Computational Psychiatry Course

Zurich Computational Psychiatry Course

NIMH Computational Psychiatry Program 

Transcontinental Computational Psychiatry Workgroup


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