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In recent years, it has become increasingly clear that the science community needs to come together to reinforce the transparency of scientific conduct in order to enhance the rigor and reproducibility of research. This is a cultural shift, a crucial and necessary one (because we all have seen too many studies, even published ones, that end up having no impact on science and society or cannot be replicated).  Here is a list of resources we rely on to conduct and promote open and reproducible science -

The Center for Open Science and its Open Science Framework (OSF)

Includes these functions: pre-registration, code sharing / depository, project wiki (where we pre-register our studies).

Stanford Center for Reproducible Neuroscience

Led by Ross Poldrack & one of the first platforms that promotes open neuroscience


A free and open platform for analyzing and sharing neuroimaging data


A public repository of unthresholded statistical maps, parcellations, and atlases of the brain

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